<![CDATA[WINTER MTB SERIES - News]]>Tue, 18 Sep 2018 12:01:41 +1200Weebly<![CDATA[Today's Event]]>Sun, 05 Aug 2018 06:59:08 GMThttp://wintermtb.co.nz/news/todays-eventKia ora,
Thanks to all the riders who took part in today’s event - round 2 of the Gloworm Lights Winter MTB Series - it was awesome to see so many people out in the forest.
Unfortunately, the day didn’t run as smoothly as we would have liked and we are disappointed this event didn’t meet our high standards due to deliberate course tampering, predominantly on the short course. This is very concerning as course tampering affects the safety of riders and their event experience.
We would like to apologise to those adversely affected - please contact us if this happened to you. Also, if anyone spotted people course tampering at all, please report this to us.
Our thorough Nduro Events process of pre-race course checking usually mitigates any issues, however despite our best efforts in the last 48 hours, disruption still occurred come race time as you will see in the timeline below.

  • Saturday 4 August, 4pm: Course marked and checked. Course crew discover markers cut off and thrown away. Immediately replaced.
  • Sunday 5 August, 5:30am: Course markers found to be removed again, Course issues rectified by the course crew
  • Sunday 5 August 9:45am: Course markers found to have been manipulated or removed in 10 locations
The mountain biking community is amazing at coming together to discourage this type of activity, so we’d appreciate everyone keeping an eye out for and reporting this type of behaviour if possible.
We apologise once again, as our aim is for everyone to have the ultimate mountain bike event experience!
Bring on Round 3 of the series - we can’t wait to see you there.]]>
<![CDATA[Event 2 preview]]>Sun, 29 Jul 2018 07:30:13 GMThttp://wintermtb.co.nz/news/event-2-previewAuthor: Tristan Haycock - tristanhaycock.co.nz
As the kiwi winter strengthens in Rotorua the trails are holding up well. Fingers are crossed around the region for another dry race.
The courses have been released for round 2. What are your thoughts? For me stand out sections of trail include ‘Old Exit’ and ‘New Exit’ trail which all 3 courses will ride down towards the finish at Longmile Road. 

Prior to that the short course will tackle ‘Soakhole’, ‘Grinder’, ‘Creek’, ‘Alpha’ and even ‘Challenge Roadside’. Considering the race is just under 15km long that is a lot of epic trails that will pack a punch for the short course riders. Make sure you pick and choose your lines carefully down Grinder as the trail is full of roots, top to bottom. Keep the rubber side down. Good luck Short Course participants. 

The Medium Course and the Long Course gets a little extra climbing added into their loop this month. Tokorangi Pa Road will sort the men from the boys, or the women from the girls. This staircase shaped climb will certainly get the heartrate up, blood flowing and thaw out the fingers at the start of the day.

Then riders are treated to a bit of a novelty for a Nduro Events race. After ‘Gunna Gotta’ riders enter ‘Katore Jumps’, riders in the Long Course and the Medium Course will still be fresh by this point, so if you’ve got some skill and some confidence the small gap jumps shouldn’t be an issue for you. Just back yourself.

So, we’ve had a bit of a warm up and an adrenaline rush and now we’re entering the epicentre of the forest. What next well the Direct Road climb isn’t to far away. Pace yourself riders as this hill just keeps on going if you’re new to the forest. However, it does gradually flatten off the closer we get to our next trail. Corners, a lot of novice riders favourite. I’m sure even the top Long Course riders were even a little excited to see it in the map for round 2.

Not long after the two courses take on ‘Sweet n Sour’ and then ‘Dragons Tail’ before they split.

Medium Course riders start to make their way back towards the finish line on some top-notch trails including ‘Be Rude Not To’ and ‘Turkish Delight’.
Meanwhile the Long Course head towards the back blocks of the forest in search of even more hills. Steep, hard hills. After a course change in round #1 riders thought they’d dodged a bullet not having to ride ‘Pondy Elevator’, however the event team is a step ahead.

So now the Long Course is making their way along ‘Yellow Brick Road’ on route to ‘Pondy Elevator’. Now it’s time to get your Tour de France on, settle into your tempo and start making your way up the climb towards the middle section of ‘Kung Fu Walrus’. After the grade 4 trail in the back corner of the forest riders start making their way back towards the finish. ‘Tarua’, ‘Ball n Chain’, ‘Lions Tail’ and ‘Turkish Delight’ make up the last few kilometres of the course.

After riders set out for the climb up ‘Nursery Road’ at the beginning of the race the competitors will complete their desired course and find themselves shooting down the final Exit trails, make sure you have your smiley faces on because it’s common for photographers to spend their time in the ‘New Exit’ and ’Old Exit’ trails. Return the Event Village and get yourself a hot drink or some delicious warm goodness from Deejays. Not to mention some of the other food stalls on offer including yummy goods courtesy of ‘Baked’. Pop round and check out the sponsors promo stands, look at some rad products and maybe get yourself on a cool set of Gloworm Lights? Good Luck and I will see you at the start line.
<![CDATA[that's a wrap - Event1]]>Fri, 06 Jul 2018 20:40:23 GMThttp://wintermtb.co.nz/news/thats-a-wrap-event1Author: Tristan Haycock - tristanhaycock.co.nz
After a long week of weather watching, the day played out alright. Big grey clouds stretched across the Rotorua skies prevented a frost from developing on the ground. The clouds didn’t look too threatening and the forecast suggested that we were all going to be able race without getting wet!
Riders rolled up from all over the North Island and even a few international riders made the journey. The car park soon filled up with riders, families, friends and supporters. Bikes began to fill the Waipa event village. You couldn’t see much Lycra at this stage though. More so just puffer jackets, thermals and gloves. Most riders went for a warm up just to get some blood flow to their fingers and toes before race start. If you can’t feel your fingers, how are you going to change gear?
The long course E Bikes kicked off at 9:25am. The four competitors were the first of the riders to take to the trails. It’s great to see this category grow each year. Bikes ranging from full suspensions to hard tails just like the XC riders. Next up was the long course heading out at 9:30am. With over 160 riders the start shoot was packed with eager, nervous and excited riders. The gun went at the riders were off. All 3 distances had seeded riders. This meant those who had proven they have pace in the past or applied for a seeded position get to start at the front of the pack. Next to start at 9:40 was the Short Course. The field was made up of over 140 riders. Finally, the mid-course took to the start line. The most competitors lined up here. More than 180 riders were sent out into the forest in the last wave at 10:00am

All three courses rolled out through the same sections of forest. This included mud pool road, bakers hollow, creek track, Lions tail, A Trail and Tickler. From here the 3 courses split. The start consisted of a mixture of wide open 4WD track to allow lots of passing and riders pushing to the front or relaxing towards the back of the wave, but also some tight twisty single track to space groups of riders out. At the course split the long course began the hard climb up direct road and frontal lobotomy. While the mid-course made their way down Bunny Jugs and the short course looped back down be rude not to. The long course had a few climbs cut out of the race due to the frost damage of the trails in the days leading up to the race, they re-joined the mid-course through the Roller coaster section before tackling Old Chevy together. Once the riders got their heart rate up suddenly the forest didn’t seem so cold. All the riders were found huffing and puffing their way up the final climb of Pig Track and then picking their way down towards the finish line through Grinder, Challenge Roadside, Rockdrop and Rosebank.

The NDURO Events crew were even kind enough this year to avoid the river crossing so no one went swimming before crossing the finish. Check out this video from previous years!
Riders began trickling back into the event village about 30 minutes after the last rider left to star the mid-course. Before long the event village was filling up once more with tired, worn out and accomplished riders. The promo setups of Gloworm and Squirt were pumping with riders checking out some cool products. The Camelbak tent was full of H2O for riders to drink along with Nuun to replenish those valuable electrolytes. Deejays was pumping, with plenty of tasty burgers floating around along with a fair few cartons of hot chips. The smell of icy cold Rotorua pine trees, mixed with riders sweat, and deep-fried goodness filled the air to make a familiar scent at the finish.
Next to DJ Spectrum, who was doing a rad job dropping the beats for the day was the awesome looking podium. With the bright pink and blue backdrop. Which matched number plates and this huge podium. Some epic spot prizes were awarded along with the champagne for the top 3 riders overall. What a day. Loads of fun was had all round with people catching up with friends and competitors from all over the country. I say bring on round #2! See you all on the 4th of August for We Run the Forest and then on the 5th of August for round #2 of the 2018 Gloworm Winter Series.
<![CDATA[time for change]]>Sun, 10 Jun 2018 09:04:57 GMThttp://wintermtb.co.nz/news/time-for-changeRotorua Winter Forest Festival announced to replace Winter MTB Series 
The magic of Rotorua’s forest in the colder months will be celebrated in 2019 with the launch of a new event – The Winter Forest Festival on 3-4 August.
Featuring a Winter Mountain Bike Classic and We Run the Forest, kids activities, an expo, food and live music (with more events to be added soon), the Festival will replace the current Winter Mountain Bike Series which is in its 17th year. 

Learn more here
<![CDATA[course review]]>Sun, 10 Jun 2018 08:17:17 GMThttp://wintermtb.co.nz/news/course-reviewAuthor: Tristan Haycock - tristanhaycock.co.nz

Wow! Is it almost that time already? The 2018 Gloworm Winter Series kicks off with the first round at Waipa MTB carpark on the 1st of July.

It’s been a few months since the last Nduro Events Mountain Bike race. What does that mean? Well it means that riders can expect fresh, new and exciting. Fresh new trail combos for each race distance. New riders joining us on the start line for round #1 this year along with the exciting event village and layout we all have grown to know and love. You may have noticed some new sponsors for the 2018 series. I hope you’ll know what that means! More epic spot prizes!
For round one, all three courses start at Waipa Carpark and roll out along the 4WD track give the 3 different race waves time to sort themselves out prior to hitting the single track of creek track. The short track is only 15km in distance it still has 550m of elevation. Expect climbs no longer than 1km in length (lions tail), but there will be a fair few rolling hills as you pick your way through the Pine trees of the Whakarewarewa forest. Riders should be able to find shelter from the Rotorua cold under the forest canopy. You may have to get that heart rate up to keep the blood flowing through those veins and the legs turning the pedals on what will be a cold morning.
Like the short-course the mid-course also follow a figure 8 shape. The mid-course tackle trails such as Bunny Jugs 1 & 2 along with Old Chevy.

A lot of people struggle with the relentless pinchy climbs. If I could give you some advice for the Old Chevy trail it would be to pace yourself prior to arriving. Make sure you have fuelled your body with some food during the race. Then once you get there you should be feeling just that little bit more fresh. Riders struggle through the twisty single track when tired. If you ride into it ready, then you’ll smash it! Just think to yourself… The fast I go the sooner it’ll be over.

​Then you can look forward to some epic descending trails like Grinder, Challenge and Rosebank. The course is 22km in length with 610m of elevation. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Ask yourself that at the end of the race. You can expect a high pace at the front end of the pack with riders stretching across the forest as the race progresses throughout the day. Bring it on. You’ve got this!

Now, for you tough nuts in the long course. I hope you’ve got your climbing legs on. If you don’t lucky you have a couple of days to sort that. Direct road, Frontal Lobotomy, Moerangi road and don’t forget time warp. Wow that’s a fair bit of climbing, 1600m to be exact. Although the course is 41km in length, there are sections that are gravel road. This is where the roadies will take charge. Organising groups to work together to climb that gravel road faster. Working together with riders around you is going to be key to making up easy time when your legs are destroyed. And just for good measure the long course gets to tackle Old Chevy as well. Don’t get too carried away on the lengthy demanding descents the long course has in store. It doesn’t take much to wash out in a tight corner or push that front wheel just a little to hard over the top of a berm. Inside tip, Split Endz has just had sections rebuild. Be aware there are some soft corners on that trail.

But how good is that feeling no matter how far you’ve ridden when you get back to the event village. See your family, friends, supporters and those you have raced alongside and raced against all around you. Then get some hot chips and a nice warm coffee and relax those legs. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, Good George Brewing will be there. Be sure to get amongst the post-race attractions and of course the spot prizes at prize giving.

What to expect:
  • Expect Cold puddles on the forest floor.
  • Expect a friendly exciting atmosphere.
  • Expect a fun yet challenging day.

Top Tips:
  • Make sure you’re fit before the first race, the fitter you are the more you’ll enjoy it!
  • Set your bike up to tackle the trails, you don’t want mechanical issues ruining your day.

Course Highlights:
  • A Trail, Grinder, Challenge, Bunny Jugs, Split End